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. . .say "bonsoir" to toxins and arduous research!

Here's where you order your Personal and Personal version of NOPILLS nutrition management software. Discover quickly how to find alternatives to the foods you know are not so healthy anymore. There still is a world of nutritions foods out there, and this is the way to delete them from your diet! Just cull them directly out while choosing powerful alternatives from our 5,400-food database!

Please send your comments or questions to support@nopills.com. Installation and licensing are a simple process. So is downloading of upgrades. You merely click the DOWNLOAD PAGE. 

Meanwhile, please install the TRIAL VERSION with its limited food database -- even if it has expired!!

If you wish to enquire about  NOPILLS SOFTWARE: sales@nopills.com

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PERSONAL version: $33.95 CAD

PROFESSIONAL version: $195.95 CAD

WARNING: DO NOT PURCHASE the nopills software license before installing the latest software version and testing it on your computer's operating system. Update your Nopills software if your version has expired. The user warrants that the software is in working condition and therefore, Refunds are not given only are not given only through support@nopills.com  and only under special circumstances. This program's Help File, if not installed on your computer in the past, are available free froms Microsoft through its WinHelp32.exe Desk (or on our Downloads page). Nopills updates are also free, and can be downloading on our Dowloads page (Always REMOVE the program and then run the installer again. Nopills.com makes your authentication available by email om a linky through a DropBox. Please contact us if you need assistance with installing. Visit us at span  support@nopills.com  or call us at 647-724-7203. We appreciate your feedback in support of future enhancements.


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